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Neuropothy Nutrition RX

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Neuropathy Nutrition Rx TM

Neuropathy   Nutrition Rx is formulated to support healthy nerves and circulation. Neuropathy   causes peripheral nerve damage and can create extremely painful numbing in the   extremities. Over time, Neuropathy can also lead to circulation blockage that   often results in amputations or cardiovascular problems.

Neuropathy Nutrition Rx contains   nutrients that are commonly deficient, or in some instances, completely absent   from the biochemistry of individuals suffering from Neuropathy. A very vital   nutrient for healthy nerves is Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA). Due to an insufficient   supply of the enzyme, delta 5-desaturase, Diabetics are unable to convert linoleic   acid to Gamma Linoleic Acid. Simply stated, Gamma Linoleic Acid plays an essential   role in the rejuvenation and preservation of healthy peripheral nerve fibers.

Neuropathy Nutrition Rx also contains   Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), the only antioxidant known to be both water and fat-soluble.   This unique characteristic allows this antioxidant to travel across and penetrate   all cell membranes in the body. Alpha Lipoic Acid also plays an important role   in converting carbohydrates into ATP(energy), and aiding in regulating blood   sugar levels. Because Alpha Lipoic Acid is such a potent antioxidant and helps   glucose metabolism, glycosylation of proteins is reduced, blood flow to the   peripheral nerves is improved and nerve fibers are stimulated. In Germany, Alpha   Lipoic Acid is the only therapy used to successfully treat neuropathy!

Neuropathy Nutrition Rx includes   other nutrients as well that potentate Gamma Linoleic Acid and Alpha   Lipoic Acid. These additional ingredients have been added to act synergistically   to improve the effectiveness of the product.