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Mullein Leaf Caffeine Free 24 Tea Bags

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Mullein Leaf Tea by Alvita Teas is used for nasal passages, dry cough, hoarseness, bronchitis, phlegm, whooping cough, cystitis, burning urine, diarrhea, lymphatic irritation, swelling and mumps.

Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus) has been suggested for inflammation of respiratory.

Mullein Leaf (Verbascum Thapsus). Native to the cool temperate climates of Europe and Asia, Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is a tall, yellow-flowered plant often seen today growing wild in Britain and North America.

Mullein is also known as Lady's Foxglove. Velvet Plant, Shepherd's Herb and Old Man's Flannel. It has an interesting history of practical and cosmetic use.

Historically, fresh Mullein stalks were dipped in melted fat, ignited, and carried as flaming tapers in ceremonial processions. The large, soft, hair-covered leaves were used as diapers by some early Indians and the leaves werealso stuffed in shoes to keep thinly shod feet warm in the winter.

Today, Mullein can be used as a floral rinse to brighten blonde hair and the leaves and flowers contain mucilage and are valued for their soothing effects.

Mullein is usually made into a tea either by itself or with Sage, Marjoram, or Chamomile. It is enjoyed by many boiled in milk and sweetened with honey.

Directions: The best way to make a good tasting cup of tea is by the infusion method. Place one tea bag into a cup and add no more than 6 oz. of boiling water. Let steep for 3 minutes and remove the bag. Press the bag before removing to enhance the flavor. Add honey to sweeten.

Mullein Leaf