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Crystallized Ginger 10 oz

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All Natural Ginger Candy Sweetened With Raw Cane
Reed's Crystallized Ginger beings with baby ginger root that is diced and steeped in raw can syrup. As it steeps, the ginger crystallizes into delicious nuggets, these flavorful treats are produced in the South Sea Island where Islanders enjoy them for their health and pleasure.

Ginger has long been regarded as an essential remedy in the East, but recently Western medicine has been embracing the health benefits of ginger too.
While there is not yet published research on Reed’s products, some traditional herbal health values associated with fresh or brewed ginger include headache relief, improved digestion, cardiovascular protection, relief of stomach upset, greater energy, menstrual relief, morning sickness, greater sperm motility, ulcer and arthritis aid, cancer protection, and more.
Pamela Miller, D. Ac., D.Hom., our local expert in Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture, recommends Reed’s to many of her patients who have morning sickness or complain of headache with nauseousness. She also suggests it to parents and other patients who are looking for an alternative to commercial sodas.

Directions: Just bite into and enjoy.

Warnings: Keep out of the reach of children.

Serving Size 5 Pieces Amount Per Serving Calories 100 Fat 0 Sodium 5 mg Total Carbohydrates 25 mg Sugar 20 mg Protein 0 mg Ingredients: Diced Baby Ginger Root, Raw Cane Sugar and Nothing Else. Directions: Just bite into and enjoy. Warnings: Keep out of the reach of children.