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A Sad Goodbye to Mega Hi

29th Jul 2015

The health and nutritional supplement market has changed and grown tremendously since the day almost 40 years ago when Carol and Howard Bond first formulated the Carol Bond line of health supplements.

Today, there are thousands of private label vitamins and compounds on the market. Some, like the high quality Carol Bond line, are carefully formulated under the highest manufacturing standards. Others, unfortunately, do not always adhere to those high standards.

The FDA, charged with ensuring the safety of consumers who purchase supplements, has been overwhelmed by the sheer number of vitamins and supplements. Because of this volume, they have changed the rules governing private label compounds, and instituted a sales quota system designed to eliminate some of the smaller labels. They will be able to use their limited resources to test and examine those products that could impact the largest numbers of consumers, due to sheer sales volume.

While we applaud the FDA for bringing much needed testing and examination to the industry, we are one of the smaller labels that can not meet the newly mandated quotas for some of the Carol Bond products. The elimination of these products has nothing to do with safety, quality or labelling. We simply are too small to sell enough of these products to meet the new regulations.

The two products currently affected by the new FDA regulations are CPR 1000 and Mega Hi. After careful research we have found replacements for these two products from manufacturers who are in good standing with the FDA and who also sell enough of these products to be above the new threshold.

We will be replacing CPR 1000 with Source Naturals Mega CBR

We will be replacing Mega Hi with Bluebonnet Nutrition Maxi One Iron Free

We feel these replacements are as close to the Carol Bond private label formula in both price and quality.

While we are sad to say goodbye to Mega Hi and CPR 1000, we understand the enormous task facing the FDA and we welcome their efforts to ensure that you will be getting supplements with safe ingredients that match the labeling no matter where you purchase your nutritional supplement products.

As always, you, our valued customer, are why we have spent almost 40 years bringing you the nutritional supplements that will help you live longer, live better.