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BioSil - Christie Brinkley's Secret Weapon

9th Feb 2016

Look Youthful, Look Beautiful, Look HealthyChristie: ' Make smart Choices»You don't look this youthful, beautiful, and healthy at 61 without making some very smart choices. That's why Christie eats he … read more

Diabetes and Nerve Health

28th Jan 2016

If you deal with the feeling of "pins and needles," a burning sensation in your feet, legs, and arms, intense stabbing pains and struggle with blood sugar, you may have peripheral neuropathy. And you … read more

6 Healthy Foods That Sabotage Your Diet

15th Sep 2015

Think you're eating healthy? You may be sabotaging your diet and healthy eating plans with these "healthy" foods that aren't as healthy as you think! These 6 "healthy" foods have more sugar than a Kri … read more

The Best Protein You Can Eat According to Nutritionists

17th Aug 2015

Protein is the key to keeping cravings at bay, building lean muscle and dropping those last few pounds. But according to a new review published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, it … read more

A Sad Goodbye to Mega Hi

29th Jul 2015

The health and nutritional supplement market has changed and grown tremendously since the day almost 40 years ago when Carol and Howard Bond first formulated the Carol Bond line of health supplements. … read more